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What is OP Games?

Turning games into investable assets through NFTs.

Game Platform

OP Arcade is a platform designed for players to discover HTML5 games, compete in tournament competitions, and buy OP NFTs.


Centralized Web 2.0 platforms extract value from each step of the game development journey, from creation to monetization. By using the OP Protocol, developers can start building a sustainable model that replaces these platforms.


The OP community are the players, game owners and developers working together to shape the future of their collectively owned games.

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Forest Cuties

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Flip Flop

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How it Works

OP Games aims to be the center of Web3 gaming, with a vibrant and growing community of developers, players, and game owners.


We work directly with game developers to turn their entire games into fractionalized NFTs and offer it to the community.

Game Owners

We sell these NFTs for buyers to collect, share fractional ownership, and add to their gaming portfolio.


Players can explore different games owned by various communities, consider becoming a game owner, and even join pooled tournaments and win direct earnings.


A DAO will enable game owners to make proposals, vote for game updates, fund additional development, and even elect new developers to be part of their game development team.

Our Team

Chase Freo

CEO, Co-Founder

Chase is a former CMO and publisher of a successful gaming company based in China. During his tenure within the gaming industry, he has been instrumental with the launch of over 30 games in their go-to-market strategy. Before gaming, Chase started his career in the finance sector. Today, the natural fusion between gaming, finance, and blockchain along with crypto, was the obvious progression in starting OP Games.

Paul Gadi

CTO, Co-Founder

Paul has been in the gaming industry for the better part of two decades. He has also been directly involved in the major shifts of game development throughout his tenure in the industry. Paul is also the co-founder of Altitude Games, a successful mobile and blockchain gaming company based in the Philippines.

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